Projectors Sri Lanka

Projectors Sri Lanka

Geelimzshop is your number one and the only source for all things related to projectors in Sri Lanka. We’re here at your service to present you with the very best of projectors, focusing on premium quality, affordable rate, better customer support. We can offer you the best multimedia projectors Sri Lanka.

projectors sri lanka

Our customer service.

We now serve customers all over Sri Lanka with island-wide delivery. Quality over Quantity is our goal, and we will do our best to give you the best projectors Sri Lanka at whatever the cost is. Quality customer service is considered a priority at Geelimzshop, that’s why we are open from Monday to Sunday from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Please find out more about us on Facebook and Instagram. Also, you can find helpful reviews, manuals, and guides on our YouTube channel. With outstanding performance, great warranty, and the best price, we at Geelimzshop presents you with the best of the best!

Why you should buy a projector?

There are many causes for you to switch to a projector over a TV: you may require a larger image than a TV can offer, or you don’t fancy the look of a TV in your living room, or you want to have casual movie nights with your buddies or family. Since movie theaters aren’t an option for most people, and right now, you are in the middle of a pandemic.

Many people are switching to a projector. Lots of people have been asking me what projector to get for their living room. As an answer to that, I will give you a brief introduction to the magnificent projectors Sri Lanka and their brands that we are trading here at Geelimzshop.

Our range of products

We have over six different renowned brands at Geelimzshop. Including Benq, Epson, Lenovo, Mi, Samsung, and Gleetech are some of the promising brands we got just for you. Even within those brands, we don’t have limits. We operate at the fullest of what we are capable of that we have a vast range of options for you.

From 4K Projectors and HD/FHD Projectors to Mini/Portable projectors and Projector accessories. What catches customer attractions other than regular projectors are Smart projectors and smart whiteboards. Other than smart projectors, smart whiteboards, and regular projectors, you can buy trolley speakers and digital scales at Geelimzshop – Projectors Sri Lanka

We serve you the best projectors Sri Lanka

If you are pleased to know about available brands, BenQ is a Taiwanese brand known for BenQ projectors and other technology devices. And for Epson, there is no other brand that much reckoned for the make of projectors and projector accessories. Epson projectors are quite a renowned brand out in the market. Lenovo and Mi are leading technology companies that combine cutting-edge technology with super optimized hardware to bring you the most outstanding experience of all time.

Samsung is the oldest established and most trusted brand that we provide to you of all. Samsung’s name is quite a unique one in the technology game, and when it comes to projectors, it is pretty unthinkable to leave behind. Gleetech is quite a young brand for the market, yet the performance given by Gleetech projector is not second to any other brand’s projectors. And Gleetech is one of our own products, a projector made for a lesser price than the usual projector prices in Sri Lanka.